My name is Antonio Meazzini and I work in the movie industry as a visual effects artist. I’m originally from Italy, but in 2004, I left for San Francisco (California) to study at the Academy of Art University where I graduated and obtained a BFA degree in visual effects, with an emphasis on compositing and matte painting. However, before I attended the Academy, I worked as a freelance web designer and thus have a background in multimedia design and motion graphic as well. The Academy of Art University is one of the best visual effects schools in the world and it has provided me with invaluable skills in both traditional and digital art, giving me the opportunity to meet many talented artists as well as famous professionals working in the industry. After graduation I worked for The Orphanage on the first Iron Man movie, which was my first big project – and therefore very exciting! I then moved to DreamWorks Animation where I worked on Kung Fu Panda, which was one of the best experiences in my life and one of my best memories. After living in California, I moved to London where I worked at Moving Picture Company for over 3 years, I then moved to Double Negative where I worked for over 4 years. In London I had the honor to work on more blockbuster movies like Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, Les Miserables, Rush, Thor 2, Paddington, Avengers 2, as well as the academy award winner for best visual effects Interstellar. In 2016 I moved to the Double Negative’s office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and I have then moved to Sony Imageworks here in Vancouver where I remained for 5 years, before moving to the company Crafty Apes. Among the various projects I worked for in Sony, I had the privilege of being part of Spiderman Into the Spiderverse, which won the Oscar for best animated feature.
I have always been very passionate about the many forms of computer art and this passion led me to my career in visual effects where I find my work very exciting and extremely rewarding. The primary satisfaction I feel isn’t just having my name in the end credits but knowing that my work is seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

On this website, you can see my most recent projects as well as a some of my past student project or various personal projects.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page!